Big Data for Energy Management


Thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated, miniaturised sensors that are always connected, industrial machinery – like their users – provide enormous amounts of data about their functioning parameters and the surrounding conditions that influence their performance and modes of use.

However, data alone is not enough: you must know how to interpret, correlate and understand it, using analytical applications and technologies. This is why, each year tens of billions of dollars are invested each year worldwide to develop projects, models and algorithms for interpreting data and using it to improve the way of doing business. Big Data technologies are becoming a key factor in the constant improvements of activities.


The i-EM mission to make each phase in the energy generation, accumulation and distribution processes smart, using Big Data as a baggage of accurate information that can be used to manage information efficiently.

i-EM combines the information from different sources (satellites, climatic, environmental and energy data) to create a cognitive system that can diagnose the various factors within the Energy Management process, in order to allow the best decision to be made in real time and, wherever possible, from a satellite point of view.

Application & Benefits

i-EM has created a family of ICT solutions that allow data to be acquired that can then be analysed and modelled and forecast information to be provided to support Energy Management decisions.

For the renewable energy sector – in particular photovoltaic stations – i-EM has created an advanced forecasting/nowcasting system that allows energy production to be adapted based on a forecast that is generated for the Smart Grid and on the forecast level of solar rays.

Active projects

In its three years of life, i-EM has developed a number of solutions, each of which corresponds to one of the increasingly specific needs in the energy production sector.


EController (Energy Storage & Renewables Management)

A solution created for Operations&Maintenance operators for renewable source energy plants. EController supplies information, control and diagnostic data that permit performance to be remotely monitored while supporting management.


E2Manager (Energy Efficiency Management)

An excellent solution for Energy Managers and the companies that offer management and optimisation services for energy consumption. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, it allows energy efficiency to be monitored with a view to prosumers and – for generation companies – forecasting and control of renewable source plant production.


RES2Grid (Renewable To Grid)

A decision support system designed for energy producers (Virtual Power Producers). It allows smart grids of any size to be managed and integrated with renewable source energy generation systems, accumulation systems and electrical vehicles.


2014-2016 – Solar and Wind energy production forecast in Italy

i-EM provides energy production forecast data (+72h) for 32 PV plants and 4 Wind plants of EGP located in Italy. The performance of the models are aligned to the world best benchmark.


2014-2016 – Nowcast and forecast big data for EGP plants in Sud Africa

I-EM provides data to forecast and nowcast to Enel Green Power first PV production plant in South Africa began in August 2014.


2015 – EDETEO

i-EM provided historical metereological data from 1994 to 2015 to Enel Distribuzione for the assessment of the faults on the distribution grid due to extreme events (i.e. snow, ice etc).


2015-2016 – MAGO

i-EM provides to weather forecast data (3 days ahead) and measured/observed data (1 day before) for the 28 control site of Enel Distribuzione in Italy.


2015-2016 – Solar Predictive project

i-EM implemented an advanced diagnostics and predictive solution through Big Data technology application in order to monitor, detect and prevent GU (Inverter) faults and reduce lost production.


2016 – Microgrid in Ollague

Algorithms for the optimization of the management of the microgrid in Ollague (Chile). The microgrid is made by PV plant, Wind pland and storage system. I-EM provides the forecast production data and the optimized parameters for the grid.